How To Improve Customer Service Through Content?

1. Focus on Customers

Content is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to customer service. The content can make or break your relationship with the customers. That is why the content should be customer-oriented. For example, what kind of content the customers want and which they hate the most? 

2. Create a Content Strategy 

Once you are done with finding the customer interest, incorporate them into your content strategy. The content plan should be flexible. It should have blogs, videos, infographics, guides, research works, white papers, short posts as well as How To’s. Keep changing content category from time to time. 

3. Make it Shareable 

A lot of people want to share content but they fail to do so because of site restrictions. This ruins your customer experience. Always help the clients when they want to share your content. Facilitate them, make it easy, add sharing options for social sites and keep it mobile-friendly as well. 

4. Personalize the Content 

The content should hit the weak areas of the customers. It will not be shared unless it resolves some issues or looks appealing to the customers. For example, in your blogs, discuss some product features which users don’t know about. Write on new research which people will love to share. This is how you can personalize the content.

5. Quality Over Quantity 

There are some guidelines and rules regarding content length. But it should not be your focus. What you need to do is to offer value. Always create content of the highest standards, make it presentable, create headings, add bullets, use facts and statistics and it should appeal to the users.

6. Use Video Marketing

Videos are a great option to add into your content. For example, if you do blogs posts, include videos at the end. Or you can find videos to create your content. You can use just videos to share the content and spread a message. It is shared and receives better response.

7. Provide Best and Worst Lists 

Comparative analysis and reports are quite helpful. They are more important for B2B business selling products and services. They should list the best and the worst services, use guides, offer quality data and information and improve decision making of the customers.

8. Make Content Accessible 

Many users complain content is not accessible when they go online via mobile phones and people will immediately find an alternative. This is the worst thing and ruins customer experience. Always make your website user-friendly. Also use a mobile version of the site so that users find it easy to access the content, search for something and take actions on the website.

9. Use Decent Fonts, Images

Lastly, the content presentation is what no one can undermine. It must be amazing. Presentation of your content should be top-notch. Use cool font styles, bigger size, images of the best quality, contrast should be nice and users love to read the content. This can definitely improve the customer experience if you present the content in professional ways.

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